Health Coach Job Description & Appraisal Packet


  1. Health Coach (Clinical) Job Description/Performance Appraisal
    • Part 1: General job Description & Summary
      • Performance Appraisal Instructions for Use
    • Part 2: Performance Appraisal with Scoring
      • a. Appraisal Tally Sheet (Optional)
      • b. Appraisal Worksheet
    • Part 3: Appraisal Summary (Self-Explained)
  2. Initial Health Coaching Assessment & Agreement
  3. Health Coaching Follow-Up Session
  4. Self-Evaluation Checklist of MI/Health Coaching Skills for Healthcare Providers

This unique Appraisal is evidence and outcome-based that is used for staff who engage in either brief clinical health coaching encounters when time with the patient/client is limited (Ex: hospital bedside, home visit, exam room or outpatient clinic visit, discharge preparation, case management), or when a session of health coaching is approximately 20 minutes or longer in any setting. These performance indicators can also be integrated into your own organization's appraisal and scoring as appropriate.

The advantage of an outcome-based appraisal is two-fold:

  1. It is results-oriented with optional guidance as to incentives/reward based on outcomes achieved in practice.
  2. Shared with the health coach at the beginning of the appraisal year, staff know clearly the expectations for acceptable job performance.

Developed by Miller & Huffman Outcome Architects, LLC for The National Society of Health Coaches.

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