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Onsite CoachClinic® Info & Registration

Onsite CoachClinic® Info & Registration

NSHC Onsite CoachClinic®

This is a highly popular, interactive day-long event provided at your selected venue and is facilitated by an NSHC Lead Coach. Evidence-Based Health Coaching (EBHC)® and Motivational Interviewing (MI) skills, key critical components of successful patient/client engagement strategies are taught onsite through personal self-assessments, case studies, group discussion, and practice, practice, practice!

Historically, clinicians, for the most part, approach patient engagement activities using traditional thinking and concepts versus skillful conversation and partnership enhancing strategies to making "real" patient engagement happen. Moving into an effective engagement clinical model requires a paradigm shift in thinking by clinicians and providers alike. It's this paradigm shift or lack of it, that can affect the success or failure of patient engagement activities.

We may not realize it, but we as providers talk a lot about what we can do to make something happen for the patient, (e.g., bedside rounds, shift report at the bedside, patient representative on our Boards, use of special tools, EMRs or other, but rarely do we hear providers talk about what we can do to generate the patient's active role in managing their health.

It's not what we teach or what we prescribe, but rather how we converse with the patient that taps into his or her own motivation and reason for action that helps improve their outcomes, change behaviors, reduce risks, and enhance prevention. It has been our experience that when clinicians learn about and understand how EBHC is the vehicle in which skillful conversations using MI techniques are applied in practice, the paradigm shift is activated, and the NSHC CoachClinic® provides the education and interactive activities to achieve this end.

  • A minimum of 25 attendees is required.
  • Registration per attendee is based on the volume pricing tier (below)
  • Included with each registration: NSHC's health coach education program manual + additional online study aids and resources + 1yr membership to the Society and all member benefits.
  • The NSHC program manual is used as the curriculum for the event day and after the event for additional self-study for those seeking health coach certification. Cost determined by number of attendees.
  • Six (6) CEs are awarded for the day's event. CE contact hours may be provided by your own organization or by us at a cost of $425 per event day.
  • Attendees may earn an additional 42 complimentary CEs after completing an in-depth self-study of the program manual beyond the CoachClinic® and successful completion of the NSHC Certification Exam or Certificate of Completion Post Test.
  • The host determines the time allotted for lunch (1hr or more) and provides any food and/or drink during the event day. 
  • NSHC's Lead Coach Honorarium: $2500 per event day + travel expenses

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Please provide the information below in your email correspondence. A Lead Coach will contact you via email to schedule a call to discuss specifics and answer any questions you may have.

  • Name of your organization
  • Contact person name, email and phone number
  • City & State that CoachClinic will be held
  • Tentative date(s) for your event
  • Number of attendees you anticipate
  • NSHC to provide CEs or you will provide internally