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CoachClinic Event/Seminar

Experience the paradigm shift in thinking from a traditional patient/client approach to Evidence-based Health Coaching with Motivational Interviewing (MI)! This highly popular, interactive day-long event is hosted by your organization onsite at your location and facilitated by an NSHC Lead Coach.

Evidence-Based Health Coaching (EBHC)® and Motivational Interviewing (MI) skills, key critical components of skillful patient/client conversation are taught through personal self-assessments, case studies, group discussion, and practice, practice, practice!

It's not what we teach or what we prescribe, but rather how we converse with the patient that taps into his or her own motivation and reason for action that helps improve outcomes, change behaviors, reduce risks, and enhance prevention.

It has been our experience that when clinicians learn and understand how EBHC with MI is applied in practice, the paradigm shift is activated! The NSHC CoachClinic® provides the education and interactive practice to achieve this end! Read More...

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  NSHC CoachClinic® Details

  • A minimum of 25 attendees is required. Host may invite whomever it will.
  • Registration per attendee is based on NSHC's group discount pricing tier. Go to this quick link and scroll down:
  • Each attendee receives NSHC's health coach program manual used as the curriculum for the day, and as the self-study manual for those seeking health coach certification.  NSHC Health Coach Certification Details
  • Six (6) CEs are awarded for the day's event. CE contact hours may be provided by your own organization or by us at our cost
  • Attendees may earn an additional 28.2 or 33.8 CEs after completing the self-study program manual and successful testing of the NSHC Certification Exam or Certificate of Completion.
  • The Host company/organization provides the onsite venue, the food/drink for lunch and/or breaks, audio/visual equipment/support for the event.
  • NSHC provides the Host with the Event agreement, event Agenda, Check-in Form, Program Evaluation and CE Certificates for attendees (if applicable).
  • Total Cost: NSHC's Lead Coach Honorarium: $2500 + travel expenses + program manuals for attendees (Cost of CEs if through NSHC).

Host an Onsite CoachClinic® at Your Location!

Email us at and provide the information below in your correspondence. A Lead Coach will contact you via email to schedule a call to discuss specifics and answer any questions you may have.

  • Name of your organization
  • Contact person name, email and phone number
  • City & State that CoachClinic will be held
  • Tentative date(s) for your event
  • Number of attendees you anticipate
  • NSHC to provide CEs or you will provide internally

Unable to Host an Onsite CoachClinic®?

Tight budget? Very small group? Missed live event?

Online Streaming or DVD could be Your Solution!

Experience NSHC's highly popular, interactive CoachClinic from home or office! NSHC's CoachClinic® On-Demand guides you through participation similar to that of NSHC's live event! You'll complete personal self-assessments, learn through case studies, participate in group discussions, and involve yourself in practice alongside others who attend a recorded live event!

(Uses NSHC's 3rd Edition Program Only)

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