Health Coaching Consulting Services

NSHC Services

NSHC's Lead Coaches have 75+ years of combined clinical and executive leadership expertise available to assist you to the degree you desire. You decide what works best for your organization, timeline, and budget and we'll help you determine the most meaningful and effective way to assist you in achieving your goals in your unique environment!   We look forward to getting to know you and understanding your needs and/or challenges.

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We are ready to guide you with any or all of the following

  • Assessing your current health, wellness, or care transition program, documentation tools, workplace health culture, and employee participation
  • Assessing your client engagement approach, whether via clinical software, Telehealth, your website, or verbal communication
  • Best approaches to train and educate your staff in Motivational Interviewing techniques and skillful communication through the use of Evidence-based Health Coaching (EBHC)®  
  • How to integrate NSHC's program into college coursework/curriculum
  • Designing and Implementing an EBHC care model based on your identified goals, patient/client populations served and your typical patient/client encounter time available
  • Working with you to develop measurable outcome metrics by which to monitor your:
           a.  cost and quality outcomes 
           b.  health coaching program's design effectiveness
           c.  client and health coach satisfaction
           c.  patient/client healthy behavior changes
           d.  health coach's effectiveness
  • Measuring, aggregating, and analyzing your health coaching outcomes
  • Identifying workplace wellness gaps and opportunities- developing the right approach for your patient/client population
  • Recommendations for sales and marketing of your health coaches and your health coaching care or service model
  • Collaborating and laying the groundwork with referral sources