Health Coach Credentialing

No one organization or credentialing board supervises, sets standards for, or provides single oversight of the nation's many health and/or wellness coach certification programs and credentialing bodies.


The NSHC offers health coach certification exclusively to licensed health practitioners/clinicians who within their clinical practice engage individuals in wellness, prevention, chronic condition and disease self-management, as well as those with moderate to high health risks.  The understanding of one's general health and wellness cannot be separated from the coaching engagement.

NSHC's health coach certification eligibility criteria are most stringent; requiring a current State or National license, registration, or certification to assess, plan, treat, implement and/or evaluate clinical interventions in clinical and wellness settings.  Upon learning this, many employers prefer their staff to be trained by the NSHC.

The National Society of Health Coaches is dedicated to advancing the use of Evidence-based Health Coaching (EBHC)® by clinicians and practitioners.