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Health Coaching Services

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Wanted: A Purple Cow 
B2B and B2C Health Coaching Services

In a Business Week Best Seller, "Purple Cow", author Seth Godin, sales and marketing guru, tells the story of how his travels through a beautiful French countryside changed the way he thought about marketing strategy. This same sentiment can be made for health coaching services whether they are Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) offering!

Initially, his attention was drawn to the incredible farms and herds of cattle grazing in lush green fields. His attention was captured for hours. However, after several days of driving through the countryside and seeing this same view of the cattle, what was once breath taking had become somewhat ho-hum; these cows had become the norm, and his interest began to wane. He wondered... How fascinating would it be to see a purple cow in those fields? Now that would be something special! That would be something to see!

Health Coaching has gained tremendous interest from both companies and providers alike who are considering offering health coaching services as a business. While health coach training and certification has been around for 15 years +, its general adoption as a business is still in its initial proving ground.

Companies that offer health coaching services are beginning to see very favorable financial and clinical outcomes, even though still early, such as:

        • Fewer urgent care visits
        • Decreased need for emergent care
        • Customer/Payer cost savings
        • Enhanced patient satisfaction
        • Improved staff satisfaction

Some clinicians have emerged from their past lives working for employers and have ventured out to form an independent health coaching business of their own. The pandemic for a number of reasons resulted in more clinicians seeking an increased level of work satisfaction outside of their traditional workplaces and have found health coaching to be the answer.

Health Coach Service

Offering health coaching services, whether B2B or B2C, will only increase all the more as patient engagement continues to require a satisfying, more effective, and more efficient healthcare experience for both the patient/client and staff who provide care. As both health coaching service types increase in number, what type of service offering will emerge as a Purple Cow?

    • What will be different about one health coaching service as opposed to the other?
    • Which contrast in service will be stark enough to stand out in the crowded health coaching field?
    • What will make the difference in which offering the consumer or business chooses?

The following attributes describe health coaching services worthy of one's attention (a Purple Cow)

• Measure Outcomes: Be prepared to show your results; begin to measure early on

    >diagnostics, of course
    >patient/client/family satisfaction
    >urgent/emergent care use
    >satisfaction of patient/client's primary care provider (as applicable)
    >engagement with website; social media about your services

        • Use an Evidence-based approach: Quick-loss diets and unproven "supplements-of-the-day" are not the way to go. Employ skills and strategic interventions that have been shown through science to drive better patient engagement resulting in desired behavior change.
        • Offer services virtually and via telehealth as an option to "in-physical person" encounters
        • Be open to including families as the patient/client desires.
        • Offer cash-based services: More and more young adults prefer to pay with cash or card.
        • Price services reasonably and responsibly. Carefully scrutinize any promotion to "make a $150/hr as a health coach".
        • Consider "walk-in" or "no appointment needed" services.
        • For Appointment-based services; start and end on time.
        • Use high-quality, evidence-based provider training and health coach certification

What are your Purple Cow health coach service offerings?