Health Management & Prevention Teaching Booklets - NSHC

Health Management & Prevention Teaching Booklets - NSHC

Companion Health Management & Prevention Teaching Booklets

During our health coaching encounters, it is imperative that the information we provide to clients/patients to enhance self-management be in accordance with evidence-based practice (EBP). The BluePrint Series of Health Management & Prevention Teaching Guides for Chronic Conditions provides this in a user-friendly booklet.  Each booklet contains evidence-based practice interventions and disease-specific information that supports/encourages patient/client education and self-management. (4th-grade reading level)

Conditions included in the BluePrint Series: CAD, CHF, Diabetes, COPD, HTN, Pressure Ulcers, Chronic Pain Management

Table of Contents:

  • Teaching Checklist w/ instructions
  • Personal Goals
  • Disease Process
  • Symptom Management Plan
  • Medication Management
  • Nutrition/Hydration
  • Activity/Exercise
  • Other Health Management Skills/Tips including Smoking Cessation

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