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Become a Certified Health Coach, CHC
Through the National Society of Health Coaches!
Advancing Evidence-based Health Coaching & Patient Engagement in Clinical Practice

Skills You'll Learn


  1. Decrease patient/client resistance to their own treatment plan
  2. Integrate EBHC with MI into chronic condition management, wellness, and prevention
  3. Employ MI in brief clinical encounters
  4. Use new conversational skills of motivational interviewing  that tap into the patient's own motivation to change
  5. Recognize cues that reveal one’s behavior change readiness
  6. Use avenues that enhance likelihood of goal achievement
  7. Select and tabulate health coaching outcomes with easy to use tools
  8. Self-assess your communication style and be alert to pitfalls
  9. Self-assess your active listening skills
  10. Integrate easy-to-use EBHC patient/client tools into your practice

                  And many more!