The NBHWC is one of many health and wellness coach credentialing bodies in the health and wellness field.  As one of many, the NBHWC does not supervise, set standards for, or provide oversite of clinician health coaching, training, testing, or certification credentialing beyond those groups affiliated with it.

The NSHC recognizes that one certification does not meet the needs of all healthcare providers, or all patients with varying acuity levels.  As such, clinicians and practitioners should coach those with chronic conditions, co-morbidities, and high to moderate health risks.  For these reasons, the NSHC's health coach certification eligibility criteria are most stringent; that which requires a current license, registration, or certification to assess, plan, treat, implement and/or evaluate clinical interventions in clinical and wellness settings -  as one's health conditions can not be separated from the coaching engagement.  
These distinct differences differentiate NSHC's health practitioner coaching certification thus the Society will remain an independent health coach credentialing body.