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NSHC Health Coach Program Details

There is a clear demand by the healthcare industry for Evidence-based Health Coach Certification based on an individual's clinical expertise, knowledge, and licensure/credentials to practice. The National Society of Health Coaches works closely with its Professional Advisory Board, professional practice associations, MINT Trainers, and others in professional and private practice to establish its standards for core competencies, training, and testing. NSHC's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice are based on those of the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

NSHC's self-study program, Evidence-based Health Coaching (EBHC)® for Healthcare Providers, 3rd Edition, is uniquely designed for the busy healthcare professional and allied healthcare provider. On average, 70 hours of focused self-study and practice are generally commensurate with testing success. However, differences in individual study habits, reading speed & comprehension should be taken into account.

Included with each Registration 

  • CEs or CECs upon Passing the health coach exam or post-test for continuing education credit: 28.2 (60-minute hr.) or 33.8 (50-minute hr.)
  • One year NSHC Membership and inclusion in the NSHC Certification Registry (Conditions apply)
  • One testing attempt when the test is completed within 12 months of purchase.  Additional test attempts (if needed) may be purchased in the Member's Store.
  • Pocket Quick Reference for field use
  • Online Motivational Interviewing Skills Practice 
  • Numerous case examples, concept applications, and quick quizzes
  • Wellness & Prevention (Smoking cessation, weight loss & maintenance, stress management, eating right & exercise)
  • Self-assessments of your coaching style
  • Best practice clinical interventions for (CHF, HTN, CAD, COPD, Diabetes, Depression, Pain, Pressure Ulcer)

NSHC Membership 

  • NSHC grants a 12-month complimentary membership with each purchase or individual registration.
  • Memberships begin on the day of single purchase or registration at the website and expire on the 365th day at 12:00 Midnight EST.   
  • Memberships are renewed for one or two years ($50 or $90 respectively) and may be purchased online from the Member Store, via check with the order form, or by requesting an E-Invoice.
  • NSHC membership status does not affect CHC status directly, however when members do not update the expiration date of their certification qualifying credential (EX: professional RN license) after renewing with their State, the CHC credential INACTIVATES until which time the NSHC database shows a current license.
  • Current NSHC membership is required to login and accesses the Members Only areas of the website for re-printing certificates, updating license/credential information, and to access tools, study resources, testing and discounted products.

Member Benefits

  • Convenient online testing 24/7
  • Access to NSHC exclusive Member Email Listserv for professional networking with NSHC health coaches across the U.S. and abroad (No profiles to complete!)
  • Access to NSHC Jobs Board!
  • Free personal support via phone & email (Available during NSHC business hours)
  • Free LIVE Practice Webinars!
  • Free articles, health coaching forms, and tools
  • Free video clips of CHCs in Action
  • *NSHC's CHC Member Registry
    Employers use NSHC's CHC Member Registry to validate one's Health Coach Certification. A current NSHC membership, current Health Coach Certification, and an active, unencumbered professional license/credential are required to be listed as "Active" in the Registry. A current professional license must be maintained in NSHC's database for the 5-year term of CHC certification. You must log in as a current member to update this profile information.

Per Registration Pricing

QuantityCost ea.
(does not include S/H)
( 1- 4 )$465.00
( 5-14)$455.00

Program Manual Shipping/Processing

  • Domestic (Priority, 3-4 day delivery): $20 per manual 
  • Expedited (1-2 day delivery): $65 per manual  (available M-F ONLY, no holiday deliveries)
  • International Shipments:  email for UPS expedited shipping rate. Please provide the destination address including a zip code in your email.
  • Domestic Volume Orders: email for pricing (provide destination address including a zip code and # of manuals ordered)

Organization Discounts

Email us at to schedule a call to discuss specifics. Please provide dates and times you are available for a call.

Order/Payment Options

1. Order online and pay with a credit card (Single orders only) -  click the "Order Here" tab. 

2.  Pay by check:
           a. Print and complete the Order Form, mail with a check. The Order Form is accessed by clicking the "Order Here" button. Scroll down to locate the "Print Order Form" button.  Or...   
           b. Request a PDF Invoice that is emailed to you and can be mailed along with a check or money order.

3. Pay electronically?
            a. Request an E-Invoice, payable online through PayPal - our credit card processing company.  You do not need a PayPal account to use E-Invoicing.
Email: and include the following information with your request: company name, contact person name and email, the number of programs ordered, the "Ship to" address for your order (Street/city/state/zip) and the name and email of the person receiving the shipment.

           b.  Pay using EFT- Email for EFT information. Include your company name, the contact person's name and email, the number of programs ordered, the "Ship to" address for your order (Street/city/state/zip) and the name and email of the person receiving the shipment.

*NOTE:  Paypal may require pre-authorization/verification before accepting company credit cards. Contact PayPal: at 1-888-221-1161 for authorization instructions if applicable. To protect your security, PayPal only speaks with the card holder.

**NSHC may change its standards, policies, practice recommendations, membership requirements and costs from time to time in accordance with research, clinical best practice, healthcare reform, and market trends. Your periodic and continued use of this site is required to stay abreast of any change(s) that may occur. 

Health Coach Programs are Non-Returnable, Non-Refundable
To view the content of our program and other details prior to your purchase, click the TAB: Certification & Prog. Details located on the homepage of the website.  If after your review of the online information you still have questions, please email your specific questions to, or call 888-838-1260 and request a callback.  We will respond to your inquiry during regular business hours.

Live Webinar Training

What attendees are saying about NSHC's Live Practice Webinars:

"Well-organized, well-planned!" 
"Great skills practice!"
"Perfect for the very busy clinician!" 
"Looking forward to the next one!"
"I'll recommend these to everyone!" 

NSHC Position Statement:
"Health Coaches & Health Coaching..."


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