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Food for Health and Behavior

‘Tis the season for bringing home fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers’ markets or harvesting those from your own garden! And what flavor there is from these wonderful gems, not to mention the exceptional nutritional value… While canning and freezing during the harvest is dawn-to-dusk work until all is finished, the pay-off of fresh[...]

National Society of Health Coaches

4 minute read

Evidence Based Health Coaching

Clinician Empathy in Patient Care

Empathy in Health Coaching With all these positive effects of empathy for both patient and clinician, it might be surprising that some research demonstrates that clinicians believe they show more empathy than patients say they do. There are several possible reasons for this: task-oriented work assignments, rushing from task to task, patient workloads, emotional carry-over[...]

National Society of Health Coaches

2 minute read

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