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Health Coaching

11 Essential Health Coach Skills For More Success In 2023

Nearly half of all American deaths in 2022 were caused by diseases such as heart disease, cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and kidney disease — conditions that are often prevented by maintaining healthy diets and sleep patterns, exercising regularly, and avoiding the consumption of alcohol and nicotine.   Unfortunately, altering one’s lifestyle to improve one’s health[...]

National Society of Health Coaches

8 minute read

Registered Nurses

The 13 Best Nursing Career Paths In 2023 & How To Advance

Nurse burnout is a serious issue that’s getting more attention. Like most nurses, you probably chose nursing altruistically to help people live better lives. However, nurses can get weary. According to Gitnux: After several years of full-time nursing, with its long shifts, overtime, and constant stress, you may start feeling like you need a change. But[...]

National Society of Health Coaches

13 minute read

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