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Everything you need to know about what NSHC has to offer.

Health Behavior Change

Health Starts with Water

After all, our bodies are 75% water. So, we teach anyone who’ll listen to drink plenty of water to maintain a healthy balance. More specifically, adequate water intake: HOW WATER CONSUMPTION HAS CHANGED More people today drink water than in the past. The Great Generation consumed colas, iced tea, and coffee, while the Baby Boomers[...]

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Health Coaching

Health Coach vs Wellness Coaching

What is Health Coaching? HEALTH COACHING is the use of evidence-based skillful conversation, clinical strategies, and interventions to actively and safely engage patients/families/clients in health behavior change to better self-manage their health, health risk(s), and acute or chronic health conditions resulting in optimal wellness and recovery, improved health outcomes, lowered health risk and decreased healthcare costs[...]

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Health Coaching

Tips to Actively Engage Patients/Clients

Tips to Actively Engage Patients!  The Center for Advancing Health (2010) states that “patient engagement is not synonymous with “compliance”, which signifies a directive that is responded to; rather than a person’s involvement in the process whereby information and professional advice is in concert with one’s own needs, abilities, and preferences.While the healthcare provider may[...]

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